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20180711_133920.jpgThis is not an ordinary travel blog.  I love to travel, and I will include my travels as a primary subject, but this blog is about the big Journey.  Life, everyday. I appreciate simplicity, efficiency, and frugality. I don’t consider myself a minimalist, but I do subscribe to some of the tenants in some areas of my life. I believe these things can relieve the anxiety and stress that many of us face.  I go forth everyday with the attitude that this is my life, and I am the director, writer, and actor.  I currently work full time. Like many, I often feel that the job runs my life.  Then i remember that I am in charge. I always have a choice. I work there because we have a mutual agreement that I will do things for them, and they will pay me in return. If either of us feel that the situation is not beneficial, we have the choice to change the situation. That is what this blog is about: making your own journey.  I will travel because it’s what I love. I will seek ways to maintain the direction of my own life. I will constantly have new adventures, and I’ll show them to you here. Welcome. I hope my adventures to will inspire you to take control of your life and create more adventures of your own.

This is me. I am t-shirt and jeans.


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