Germantown, Ohio

I was about to head to Kentucky for the weekend when Billie texted and said to meet her in Germantown instead.  I knew the place.  We had once stayed at a wonderful little bed and breakfast called The Guest Quarters of Historic Germantown, Ohio.  It’s pretty unassuming from the outside, but the inside is like a little respite from the world and Mo, the owner and breakfast chef extraordinaire, is fantastic.  I highly recommend a visit, but this isn’t really about the bed and breakfast.  It’s about the surrounding sites and natural beauty.  I visited Germantown Metropark, Twin Creek Metropark, and explored the area in general.  So, to get on with it, here are some of the pics from our adventure.

Looking at the back of The Guest Quarters of Historic Germantown, Ohio on the left.  It’s a cozy little place with a tiny formal garden outside the back door.
bike trail barn
Barn/picnic shelter beside the bike trail in Germantown.
bike trail barn window
Looking inside the barn by the bike trail.
covered bridge
A covered bridge on the edge of old Germantown.
florentine front
The Florentine Hotel is just down the street from the bed and breakfast.  Good food and Service.
florentine porch
The front entry to the Florentine Hotel restaurant.
germantown dam
Looking off the dam at Germantown Metropark.  It’s high and a little intimidating with no rails.  I took this photo over a very low concrete wall.
The pond at Germantown Metropark.
germantown trestle from bridge
railroad trestle outside Germantown.
under germantown trestle
Exploring under the railroad trestle.
rope swings
Rope swings beside the bike trail.
tree glasses
Someone had a sense of humor which made for an interesting photo-op.
twin creedk path
Trail at Twin Creek Metropark.
twist vine
Twisted vines at Twin Creek Metropark.
wooded hilltop
Hills at Twin Creek Metropark.  Very nice hiking here.  I will definitely return.
space ship
Alien space craft spotted outside town…we were told that it is an apartment.  Unique.  Truly fascinating.

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